Adoption is the legal process of establishing a family with the loved and valued addition of children. All who are involved in this process – the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child – must be respected and nurtured.

A home is just the beginning

AGAPE strives to keep in mind eternal principles. Children are a gift from God who need – and deserve – the very best that you can provide. Giving a home to a child is just the beginning of caring for a child.

As parents, you must teach your child that the world needs him or her to make the world a better place.

A lifetime commitment

Adoption is a lifetime commitment as well as a legal procedure, and as such, prospective adoptive parents are required to complete home studies, file paperwork and go through a legal court proceeding. Our Adoption Process section provides more information about what you need to do to begin the process as well as other steps along the way.