We know this can be an emotionally challenging time in your life. We are fortunate – and thankful – that others who have shared similar emotions and experiences have found support and peace with the services we have provided. Some have agreed to share their stories here.

The right decision for my baby … and myself

“I was faced with the biggest decision of my life – keep my baby and do what I could do for her, or place her for adoption. What a choice. I felt like my world was caving in.

AGAPE was a Godsend to me. I really don’t know if I could have gone through with my decision without their help. I couldn’t provide my baby with a good life and I knew that someone else could. But that still does not stop the pain of making the decision.

Nothing I had gone through had prepared me for the sudden volcano of feelings of love I felt when I gave birth to my baby. It was no longer just a baby, but a live human being who depended on me for everything, including the right decisions. When they brought her to me, the wall I had built around my heart came plummeting down around me. The only thing I could give was love. I could not give her the life she deserved. AGAPE helped me find the right parents for my baby. I know that they love her and can give her the life I want her to have. AGAPE helped me make the right decision for my baby and for myself, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

~An AGAPE birth mother

Help in any situation

“I made an adoption plan for my baby with AGAPE and my experience was excellent. They helped me in all the areas I needed. AGAPE is a great agency and they would help you in any situation – whether you want to parent your child or make an adoption plan. They won’t force you, they won’t make you, they let you decide.”

~An AGAPE birth mother