Application and forms

To begin the adoption process, a number of forms must be completed. Some of these include the application for services, home study timeline, financial statementmedical record for adult(s) and medical record for child(ren). For a complete application packet, please contact us at 256-859-4481 or

The gift of a child and a family is priceless. There are many forms of assistance to help you ease the expenses associated with the adoption process. Click on the links below to learn more about the organizations listed and how they may be of financial assistance to you.

Special needs


God’s Grace Adoption Ministry – Provides grants of $1,000 – $4,000 to Christian couples with an annual income under $60,000

Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries – Helps families raise finances for adoption through our adoption fundraising/grant program

National Adoption Foundation – Provides direct grants and loans

Shaohannah’s Hope – Provides grants to Christian families adopting domestically or internationally and encourages involvement from your church family in your adoption


Adoption tax credit

Thanks to the Adoption Tax Credit, adoptive families may be able to take a refundable tax credit for qualifying expenses paid toward and adoption. The current limit for reimbursement of adoption expenses is $13,170. Talk with your accountant and check out this website for more information on the Adoption Tax Credit: