We know this can be an emotionally challenging time in your life. We are fortunate – and thankful – that others who have shared similar emotions and experiences have found support and peace with the services we have provided. Some have agreed to share their stories here.

Comfortable, helpful, professional

“When we were searching for our home study agency, many people we know who have adopted suggested AGAPE. My husband contacted AGAPE and all the staff members were very helpful in answering our questions and making us feel very comfortable. We worked with several people during our adoption process; however, none of them proved to be as helpful or professional as AGAPE. If or when we decide to adopt again, we will definitely use AGAPE as our home study agency. We have also been happy to recommend AGAPE’s services to many people going through the adoption process.”

~Domestic adoptive parents

Supportive attention

“AGAPE’s staff have been extremely helpful, informative and upfront through this ongoing process. I really feel they do so well to keep us current and supported. We appreciate their helpfulness and timely attention. We would highly recommend AGAPE for home study services.”

~International adoptive parents

…they do their job with joy

“We had and continue to have a wonderful experience with AGAPE. You can tell they love what they do and they do their job with joy. They made a somewhat nerve-wracking process seamless! I love AGAPE.”

~International adoptive parents

Thank you for … our son!

“We enjoyed working with AGAPE. The level of professionalism and care was refreshing. Thank you for helping to bring our son home!”

~International adoptive parents

God found our way to a family

“My husband and I weren’t able to start a family of our own. As the old saying goes, ‘when God closes a door, He opens a window.’ By being foster/adoptive parents through AGAPE, we have been blessed with eight wonderful children who are ours forever.”

~A foster and adoptive parent

God had a plan

“I was given up for adoption at birth to AGAPE of North Alabama. I wasn’t your typical adoption case. I was born with multiple birth defects and my doctors said if I lived I would never walk or talk and would require constant care. My caseworker labeled me unadoptable, but AGAPE knew God’s love and they knew no child is unadoptable. Many families turned me down, but God had a plan and I was adopted by the most amazing set of parents a girl could ever ask for. Through my years of surgeries, AGAPE walked beside our family every step of the way. They prayed for my family, sent cards and visited with us. AGAPE’s love for me didn’t end with my placement – it even continues today. I am now a married mom with four beautiful children. I consider myself very blessed to have been an AGAPE baby.”

~AGAPE adult adoptee

Giving a child love

“The most rewarding part of foster care is giving a child love. Kids want to be loved and they are so willing to give you that love in return. When they see that you are willing to love them no matter what, they won’t hold anything back.”

~AGAPE foster parent

How has adoption changed our lives?

“Just like most families with two children, our life has become more hectic, chaotic and unpredictable – but it is so much richer. Everything is fresh and new through the eyes of our children. Looking back, we see God’s plan for our lives so much better than we could have ever imagined. We know that God will see us through and we thank Him so much for blessing us with the awesome responsibility of raising his children.”

~AGAPE adoptive parents