You likely have many questions on your mind as you continue to consider this very personal, joyful and life-changing decision. While we cannot answer all your questions here, we have found that the following questions are most frequently on the minds of our prospective adoptive parents. We hope they are useful for you.

Why do people consider adoption?

Most people want to share the love they have in their hearts with children of their own. If this is not possible, for various reasons, adoption is an alternative that will provide a child in need with a permanent home and a couple with a family they long to have.

What is a home study?

Whether you plan to adopt domestically or internationally, your home study will be the first step you will take in the adoption process. A home study is required for every type of adoption. The home study is a document written by a licensed social worker after visits to your home to meet with you. It provides a “portrait” of your family; simply put, your home study is an overview of you and your family. It helps the adoption agency and the administrative bodies involved in the adoption process determine if a stable environment exists for a child to be received for adoptive placement into your home.

How do I know whether domestic or international adoption is the better choice for my family?

The form of adoption you choose is an important matter for you to decide as your family begins the home study process. Children from many countries outside the U.S. are available for adoption. Usually the children are not newborns. We encourage you to call an AGAPE social worker, who will guide you in your research on international placement agencies. All adoptions require a flexible mindset for you to be able to negotiate the changing landscape of the adoptive journey, with the goal of providing a forever family and a forever home for a child. And whether you pursue domestic or international adoption, AGAPE can be your local home study agency.

Is there any financial assistance available for adoption?

Many couples take out loans or receive assistance from their faith community/church towards an adoption. Presently, federal law permits a tax credit for adoption fees. The current federal tax credit is $11,650. In addition, refer to the list of resources under Adoption Grants in this section for more information about financial assistance for adoption.

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