Children brought into foster care are often scared, hurting and anxious to be home. Foster parents play a special role in bringing hope to foster children as they work toward unification with their families. Not only do foster parents provide the basic essentials of life in a secure and stable home, they also share love. Will you care enough to make a difference in the life of a child?

A foster home needs:

  • A single adult or a married couple
  • Stability and security
  • Love
  • A license from the State of Alabama

Foster care training and preparation

The first step to becoming a foster parent in the State of Alabama involves a 30-hour training class called Group Preparation and Selection (GPS). This 10-week class prepares potential foster and adoptive parents for the situations and common struggles that may be encountered when raising children not born to you. Once you have completed GPS, each foster family must obtain a home study which approves the family to become foster parents. Home studies written for foster families are free of charge and take approximately three to six months to complete. Once your home study is complete, you will be a licensed, foster parent for AGAPE and the State of Alabama. Our professionally trained social workers will guide you through the process when you are ready to begin.

Continuum-of-Care program

AGAPE is proud to be part of Continuum-of-Care, a partnership between the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Alliance of North Alabama. The Continuum-of-Care program focuses on family preservation and reunifying children with their families of origin. The Alliance provides in-home services to families in need, while AGAPE provides temporary foster homes for the children of these families. Through this partnership, families all over North Alabama are able to receive services and referrals which help them to thrive in society and ultimately stay together.